Amy Mizuno (amymizuno) wrote,
Amy Mizuno

Site Update

Ok, I've been debating if I should update the site now, or next month on the site anniversary... and decided to do it now since I have time off now.

So, we have one last update for year 2014. :D


  • Amy Mizuno (me)
      -new fic----Peaceful Evening (complete)
  • Jei
      -updated----The Faithful and the Brave Part 5-12
      -updated----Moments of Haven Part 138-139
      -new fic----Two Peas in a Pod Part 1-5
  • Karen, The Huntress
      -new fic----Not Your Time (complete)
  • PlaidDragon
      -updated----Blue Forest Banshee Part 104h-j
  • SkyLark
      -updated----Crimson Bonds Part 66-epilogue (complete)
      -new fic----That Which Mends Prologue-13
  • Sunhawk
      -new fic----Christmas 2014 (complete)
      -updated----Godchild Universe - Daiyu Part 1-8 (complete)
      -new fic----Gundam Scrooge (complete)
      -updated----Ion Vignette #10
      -new fic----Thanksgiving 2014 (complete)

New ficart by P0rc, based on Merula's First Star to the Right was added on Merula's fic page.
Another new ficart by T-shirt, based on Sunhawk's Gundam Scrooge, added on Sunhawk's Ficarts Page.
One last, giftart for me by T-shirt added to the Giftarts page in Fanarts section.

Hope everyone has a great new year for 2015! :)

Tags: site, updates

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