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So, I figure I need to post something here just to say that I'm ok, but everytime I sit down and start to write, something pops up.

Anyways, school's done, and I passed all the courses, so I'm now graduated... again. Though I still haven't receive my diploma and my last report card. And here I thought that I can finally get my long-waited vacation to Hong Kong before I start to look for a job, mom's sick. So the trip's cancelled.

I've been running around the hospitals with her since early May, went to ER for a couple of times + the seemingly countless doctor's appointments, did the treatments, but it does not seem to be working on mama. So, after another ER visit this past sunday, and the follow up back at the hospital yesterday, the doctor decides to increase her med dose, and now we just hope that it finally works.

Other than mom's problem, RL family drama seems to love to show up at the same time, and there was also cousin's wedding in the middle of everything else, and here's the highlight of my summer 2012. *sigh*

Well, I started to slowly picking up the fic updates for the passed many months, and I'm still in the catching up on the many emails and ljs, so don't expect me to update the site too soon yet. But, at least I'm slowly coming back to the fold.... hopeful for good.

And I know it's a little late, but, congrats to skylark92 for being a new mommy while I was gone. And thanks to sharona1x2 for sending me the package. :)

Oh, and I realized that my site had been down for a couple of times in the passed months (from the emails that I caught up), if there's any other reliable web site servers that anyone can recommend me, please do let me know. Much appreciated.

Edit: And thanks for the Squirrel Love (V-gift) that you sent me a while back, sunhawk16! :D
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