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Site Update

Ok, I've been debating if I should update the site now, or next month on the site anniversary... and decided to do it now since I have time off now.

So, we have one last update for year 2014. :D

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Hope everyone has a great new year for 2015! :)


Fic + Gift art

So, sunhawk16 had decided to gift me art, and talented t_shirt1x2 got it done so quickly and nicely. Thanks again ladies. *hugs & kisses*

Here's the pic, and here is the animation the lady so nicely added extra. :D

And last, I wrote a short ficlet to go with the pic. As it has not been betaed, please bear with bad grammar and mistakes. :)

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Site Update

Here's (finally) a new site update. I'll try to get a few more out before the end of year 2014. :P

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Enjoy. :)


Site address change

So, I finally settle down and decide my new web server, and the site was moved over to the new place. The current location would still be kept, but I would no longer update it. And it would be downgraded to free site by the end of this month, and all the pop ups would be back once I downgrade the site.

For those who still visits my site... if there's still anyone left... ^^;;; Please change your bookmarks to the following address: http://www.amymizunogwpage.com/

As I uploaded the site pages that I currently saved on my computer, and since I had a major computer crash last year, there might be some files lost during the crash. So if there're any link doesn't work on the "new" site, please be kind and let me know, so that I can copy the lost file from my current web server, because it is simply impossible for me to check all the links to make sure they all work properly.

Let's hope that the new server would be a lot less problematic compare to my current one. *cross fingers*


Site Update

I assumed that everyone knows about the "Ion" update? :D And I had since planting in front of the computer and hope that I'll manage to get something out for the site update, and thank god, I got it done.

I hope that I would manage my monthly updates, but it seems it wouldn't happened for sometime yet. I do not have free time to do so during work days, and chores and others stuffs were piled up for the weekends. Sometimes I started on the update, than got distracted by one thing or other; when I finally sit down to work on it again, it might be ending up weeks after.

I can only promise to update the site as frequently as I can, I'm really sorry for those that has been waiting for the updates so patiently. *bows*

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If anyone know any reliable web site servers that are not too expensive, please let me know. I'm seriously thinking about switching server. Thanks.


Site Update... finally...

Well, my life finally is more or less back to normal, got a job, and things are going good for now. :)

It takes me a while to catch up on the fics, and it should be all there... if I didn't miss anything.

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So, I figure I need to post something here just to say that I'm ok, but everytime I sit down and start to write, something pops up.

Anyways, school's done, and I passed all the courses, so I'm now graduated... again. Though I still haven't receive my diploma and my last report card. And here I thought that I can finally get my long-waited vacation to Hong Kong before I start to look for a job, mom's sick. So the trip's cancelled.

I've been running around the hospitals with her since early May, went to ER for a couple of times + the seemingly countless doctor's appointments, did the treatments, but it does not seem to be working on mama. So, after another ER visit this past sunday, and the follow up back at the hospital yesterday, the doctor decides to increase her med dose, and now we just hope that it finally works.

Other than mom's problem, RL family drama seems to love to show up at the same time, and there was also cousin's wedding in the middle of everything else, and here's the highlight of my summer 2012. *sigh*

Well, I started to slowly picking up the fic updates for the passed many months, and I'm still in the catching up on the many emails and ljs, so don't expect me to update the site too soon yet. But, at least I'm slowly coming back to the fold.... hopeful for good.

And I know it's a little late, but, congrats to skylark92 for being a new mommy while I was gone. And thanks to sharona1x2 for sending me the package. :)

Oh, and I realized that my site had been down for a couple of times in the passed months (from the emails that I caught up), if there's any other reliable web site servers that anyone can recommend me, please do let me know. Much appreciated.

Edit: And thanks for the Squirrel Love (V-gift) that you sent me a while back, sunhawk16! :D


Site Update

Hope everybody have a great start for the Dragon year!

I missed this year's site anniversary as I remembered the wrong date. :P For some reason I keep on thinking that it's on the 22nd. (but the actual day is on the 20th)

Anyway, 10 years has passed since I started this site, never thought that it would become this big and last this long when it started. Thank you everybody for the support throughout all these years, and I hope that there're many many more great GW fics to come.

With Chinese New Year and many rl problems going on all at the same time, life is still as busy as ever. Hope that all of it would settle down soon. *crosses fingers*

Here's this time's update list.

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Site Update.... Finally!

Here's the long long long LONG waited site update. I finally manage to get it all done and uploaded. Yay! Hopefully the updates will be back to normal. *crosses fingers* Well, I'm pretty sure there are fics missing here and there, I still need go back and double check, and if anyone realize anything is missing, please do let me know, it would save me a bunch of time from going through all the emails and lj posts for all the months that I missed.

Well, school is done for now, and waiting for the marks to come in, but I'm pretty sure I pass everything. Internship started on Monday, and everything's fine so far. :)

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A little I'm alive note....

Oh yes, I'm still alive. This year has been ridiculously busy, and I haven't been on internet all that much to start with, even less on lj. It's been months since the last time I logged in, and I'm really scare to look at the amount of messages and fics that I miss....

Anyway, just to let everyone know that I'm well, and will still be very very busy for quite a while yet, probably until next semester when I finally done with school for good.... hopefully. I'll try to get *some* of the site update done sometime soon.... but there's really no guarantee about that, as I have 8:30 - 6:00 classes 4 days out of 5, plus the lab reports, assignments and tests seems to be all coming in a roll non-stop.....

Miss you guys. *chu*